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V. Calone: Say, Caesura

In poet Vincent Calone's recently re-released booklet, A caesura (in 27 parts), he expands the narrowest definition of caesura ("a pause near the middle of a line") to create "a new form using off rhyme, false rhyme, sight rhyme, slop rhyme and cross rhyme among others." Calone also states that the recurring theme through the sequence of 27 mini poems is "the search for happiness, peace and love."

We offer the first three of the 27 mini poems here. If you'd like to enjoy all 27 and receive a copy of his booklet, contact the poet through Brater Agency.

A Caesura in 27 Parts

A caesura, a cure, and opening door to a hymn.
A siesta, an heir, an homage.
The need for a quest akin to a poster.
A toaster, a foisted oyster, a choicer,
a Chaucer, a bitten blue saucer
amidst a cloister a monster emerged.
A boil, a blister a silly sad sister, oh. mister,
oh mister you merely missed her.
I beg you, I implore you to leave her alone.

A caesura, a flaw an obscured bore,
a tour, a troupe, a trope, a trap,
a tripping the lights fantastic,
a spastic conniption, a condition
in transition, grave unadulterated tensions,
broad associations, dark affiliations,
bleak undulations in the hall. "I'm appalled!"
A droll drawing and clawing and pawing
and sawing but not saying much.
But, not, really wanting to say what I'm saying --
implying and spraying all over the wall
which I am leaning against.

A Ceres for sure, an ode to an anthem,
a phantom, a graying green lantern,
a banter with candor, a green eggs and ham'er,
a gato en sombrero, the movie "Bolero with Bo.
A splinter, a sliver, a slithering spitter between
flesh and fresh mountain dew. Will you or won't you
appoint me a lawyer? I ask you,
I beg you to leave me alone.

Calone has recently had two poems, " The Good Listener" and "The Stone" accepted for the July 2022 issue of Fresh Words.

Above photograph by V. Calone.

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