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Lou Paduano is a prolific novelist with a number of series currently in development. His work in genre fiction has developed an ever-growing following of dedicated readers. From sci-fi to the paranormal, Lou is always exploring new worlds in story and structure.

You can find out more about his work at

Two of his latest projects include:

  • The DSA – A sci-fi crime and mystery series told in a seasonal structure. The DSA follows Ben Riley and Morgan Dunleavy as they try to solve the inexplicable that surrounds our everyday lives. The second season of the series is due out in late 2023.

  • Greystone – An urban fantasy thriller series. Soriya Greystone and Detective Greg Loren hunt myths, monsters, and legends in the deeply mysterious city of Portents, as both seek answers to their troubled pasts. There are currently five full length novels in the main series, and a trilogy of prequels set in the Greystone world. The second half of the series is forthcoming.

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