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Calone Poem to appear in Bards Annual 2023

One of Vincent Calone's latest poems has been selected to appear in Bards Annual 2023, a celebrated regional poetry collection. Here is the poem below. Enjoy!


“They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, Isaiah 2:4,”

Reconsider what you know to be true.

Regrow a limb, regenerate and renew.

Recover the lost memory of fact.

Rewind the tape, then bring it back.

Resow the fields again this spring.

Renew the hopes, dance and sing.

Revive the feeling that you've lost.

Re-visit the pain, but, at what cost?

Re-appropriate the weapons and the land,

Rethink your design and alter the plan.

Recompense for prior transgressions,

Reconvene and speak about possessions.

Reconsider what you know to be true.

Recall, re-calibrate, revolt and review.

- Vincent Calone

(form: Anaphora w/ couplets)

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