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Poetry Spotlight, 2/23.

Photo by Donna Steiner

Our resident poet Vincent Calone has been busy, as usual. His creative activities seem to feed off one another, and today's featured poem isa perfect example of his process. Vincent uses "poem a day" prompts to keep his creative juices flowing and the Day 134, December 14, 2022 prompt was “Write a poem about seeing a hummingbird." This was tucked away in those mindful recesses while he was getting set to perform in the radio play, "It's a Wonderful Life" at a local theater. The house manager was making her announcements "and at the end everyone clapped," Vincent said. "Except we had our hands full with the radio (script) we were bringing on stage so I whistled- hence the poem."

Whistling in the Wings

Whistling in the wings,

waiting for the show.

Cursing the production,

right from the word go.

Ain't superstitious,

but I gotta admit it

on with the show people,

please park and sit it.

Each noise they make

is bound to be amplified,

you- up front, still talking,

you have me fit to be tied.

I saw a hummingbird

enter the theater,

I broke character

just to greet her,

but, she was gone.

Leaving with the luck,

and like a duck, I cover

and run to the wings.

Recompense for whistling

as I came in.

Missing my mark

and dropping a line again.

Never light three candles,

don't wear blue onstage.

A glittering of hummingbirds

and some burnt sage.

These are myths and superstitions,

tried and true.

Don't tempt fate,

concentrate and wait for your cue.

Call if a bouquet, a flock or a tune-

no amount of ruby throats

will save your hide,

patrons exit and grab their coats.

Many a dream never ventured,

only existing on the page.

When you've fallen prey,

to the curse of mirrors on the stage.

Or the feather of a peacock,

or the Scottish bard's play unnamed.

Is this why the director went missing

and the sound man was maimed?

As we take a bow and thank you all

and then say good night.

As you exit the theater,

drop a coin in the hat,

and respect the glow,

of the ghost light.

Many of you have enjoyed Donna Steiner's digital art and photography featured throughout (The photo in this post is one of her works.). An award-winning creative nonfiction writer and poet, Donna's recent chapbook, "Part Horror, Part Magic, Holy Ourselves" has been published by Thornwillow as part of their Dispatch series. Visit

to find out how to add this special work to your library.

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