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And the Award Goes to…

Actor Will Smith tried his hardest to overshadow the first Brater Oscar contest, but failed miserably. It was Brater’s exciting race to name the winners in the eight major categories that was the talk around the proverbial water cooler. Well, at least at the Brater water cooler.
Three of our entrants — Phillip Hain, Shelby Landucci, and Adam Sweeney — showed their film prognostication skills by correctly guessing SEVEN of the eight winners. Using a computer-generated, random selector, Adam Sweeney was selected as the ultimate winner, receiving a $100 gift certificate and a $100 donation to the charity of his choice. (Adam selected St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.)
Some fun statistics about the contest results:
*The average score was 3.32 out of a perfect 8 with the most entrants guessing ONE correctly. Talking about pulling down a curve.

*The category with the most correct answers was Best Actor as 63.6% of the entrants correctly selected the ubiquitous Mr. Smith.

*The next most successful category selections were for Best Director and Best Supporting Actress where 50% of the entrants correctly selected Jane Campion and Ariana DuBose, respectively.

*In two categories, Brater participants gave their support at the greatest rate to a nominee other than the winner: Best Actress winner Jessica Chastain received 27.3% of the vote compared to Brater entrants giving Olivia Coleman 31.8%, and Licorice Pizza received 36.4% of the vote from Brater-ites while the winner of the Best Original Screenplay — Belfast — received 27.3%. (Editor’s note: Brater participants got it right in the Best Actress category — Olivia Coleman should have won.)

*The Best Adapted Screenplay saw a tie between eventual winner CODA and The Power of the Dog, both at 31.8%.

*Rounding out the percentage of contest participants guessing the eventual winner: Best Picture CODA (40.9%) and Best Supporting Actor Troy Kotsur (40.9%).

Thank you for participating. We hope to see you entering Brater's Oscar contest 2023.
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