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Brian and Charles - Prime Video A-

My husband begged me to watch this film for months. I just wasn’t interested. I agreed to watch it as a birthday present to my husband, and I was the recipient of a gift. Look, it is a weird flick, it’s funny, quirky, and super weird…and worth watching. It’s like a dessert that takes a little effort. It takes a while to get it to boil and then you aren’t sure whether it’s going to turn into anything worth eating, but with time and patience it ends up being a delicious treat. That’s Brian and Charles. Did I mention it’s weird? Hilariously weird, beautiful movie. If you don’t watch it, you will miss something really special.

A Good Person – Prime Video A-

If you’ve wondered about Zach Braff and assumed he is just doing T-Mobile commercials, guess again. He is the writer, director, and producer of this powerhouse of a little film starring Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman. The film is gut wrenching, but not hard to watch. If there were ever any doubt that Florence Pugh is one of the greatest actresses of her time, this flick ends the debate. She is beyond perfection as a fun loving, easy spirit whose life takes a terrible turn. Morgan Freeman does a decent job of keeping up with her, and Molly Shannon does a surprisingly good turn as Pugh’s mother. Braff, as he has shown in his previous films Garden State and Wish I Was Here, can write and direct with positive results. This film, in which he doesn’t act, clearly shows off his directing skills. Pugh should see nominations if the film gets enough attention.

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