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Shannon's Reviews: Latest Sports Films

Air          Netflix           A-


I’m sorry I got to this film so late because I really enjoyed it.  I’m not really into basketball, so I really didn’t think I would find it compelling, but you know, say what you will about Ben Affleck, but he knows how to tell a story.  Even knowing the ending, and not really caring about it, Ben got me involved and rooting for the underdogs.  This is what a good film should do.  And yes, it artfully tells the story without ever really showing us Jordan, but there are so many amazing cameo performances in this film, it didn’t need Jordan.  Go figure.  I enjoyed it; it’s a great way to spend an evening.

Nyad      Netflix         B


Jodie Foster is great in this movie.  I love Annette Benning, so it pains me to say this.  She is horrible.  Actually, that isn’t even true.  She does a great impersonation of Diana Nyad as the brusque, no nonsense, self-involved swimmer.  The problem is she’s unlikable.  Really unlikable.  The only thing that even strains to make her likeable is Foster’s character’s unwavering loyalty.  It’s really hard to build a movie around that and hours of pool shots.  I wish the director had pulled Benning aside and said, “There are very few people left who remember how grating Nyad’s voice is.  Let’s make a better choice so the audience doesn’t start hoping she drowns.”  I have a feeling the film would have been better.

The Iron Claw    In Theatres    B+


A brilliant cast led by a totally ripped Zach Efron (seriously, I’m worried about him) and Jeremy Allen White, tell the tragic story of the Von Erich family and their bid for real estate in the growing pro wrestling mania in the 1980’s.  This is some tragic stuff, y’all.  It’s all based on a true story that is so tragic, they couldn’t even show all the tragedy in the movie.  That’s pretty bad.  There are some great performances but make sure you’ve hidden all the sharp objects before watching.


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