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More Great Acting in More Wrenching Films

Women Talking – In Theatres A-

Oscar Nominations: Best Picture/Best Adapted Screenplay

There are films we love and films we appreciate. I appreciated the acting work in this film. It’s excruciating to watch on so many levels. The subject matter is horrific, the painstaking way the script unfolds…excruciating. And it is meant to be excruciating. It’s like getting your tooth drilled, by a really good dentist. So, why watch it? Judith Ivey. That’s why. And Ben Whishaw, Claire Foy, August Winter and about 10 others. But Judith Ivey. Master Class in ACTING. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. #WomenTalking

The Woman King Netflix A

First, don’t watch this movie in the same week you watch Women Talking or She Said…or about half the movies that came out in 2022. You’ll need to hide all the sharp implements in your home. What can I say? Viola Davis was stupendous. I know, she didn’t get a nomination. I would offer that it was a mistake to put her in the best actress category. Even though she is the title character, she really isn’t the star of the film. Thuso Mbedu is the star of the film. Viola Davis is in a supporting role and had she been put in that category, I think she would have been nominated and maybe have won. This is a good film with some great performances, worth watching. Make sure you have a friend you can talk with after. #TheWomanKing

Argentina 1985 Amazon Prime B+ Oscar Nomination: Best International Film

My beef with this film is that it assumes the viewers are aware of this huge political moment in Argentinian history, that I am sure many people actually do know about. I didn’t, so the first half of the movie I felt lost, confused, and befuddled. It’s a shame. It’s a good flick with some very powerful moments. I have a feeling if I watched it again I would love it, because I would know what it was about. To me this is not good screenwriting. Still, the message of the film is very powerful and the acting is first-rate. I suggest reading up on what actually happened before watching the movie. #Argentina1985

You People Netflix B-

This film is the brainchild of Jonah Hill and Kenya Barris; in my opinion neither should be allowed to have children. The film does have some funny and insightful moments, but too often it feels preachy and cringy. The characters are drawn in such broad brushstrokes they are cliché. I also really hated the false equivalency of Eddie Murphy’s character actively trying to break up the couple and Julia Louis Dreyfuss’ character saying cringy politically incorrect things. Both are bad, but they aren’t on the same level. Also, I hated the ending. If I’m being honest, I couldn’t figure out why this fabulous young woman wanted to spend two minutes with Jonah Hill’s character. I found I couldn’t suspend disbelief that far. #YouPeople

Causeway Apple TV+ B Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor

Jennifer Lawrence stars in this flick about a soldier returning home after being injured by an IED in combat. Brian Tyree Henry shines as the mechanic she befriends. It’s like watching paint dry, slowly. There are so many good elements to this film, it should be better that what it is. But it lays there like a dead dog in the road, and you can only hope that it ends soon. But ask me how I really feel. Meh. #Causeway

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