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Kutcher and Witherspoon for the Win!

Your Place or Mine - A Netflix

I really liked this ADORABLE, CUTE, ROMANTIC movie. If you are sick of the dark, disturbing sludge that is this year’s preferred movie genre, Your Place of Mine is the perfect palette cleanse. Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are charming, likeable, relatable, flawed and generally brilliant in the film. I think this is Kutcher’s best work ever. Seriously. The script is really lovely. (I think someone has been taking notes from K-Dramas, FINALLY!) The supporting cast is hilarious. Steve Zahn can be Zen in my garden anytime he wants to. And can we PLEASE have a sequel where Jesse Williams’ delightful Theo gets to find love? Please??? Your Place or Mine is perfect Valentine’s watching. It’s light, it’s sweet and very romantic. #NetflixYourPlaceorMine

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - B Disney + Oscar nominations: Best Supporting Actress (Angela Bassett),

Best Original Song, Best Visual Effects, Best Costume Design, and Best Makeup and Hairstyling

I did not love this movie. There were parts that were really great, sure, but I struggled with the script and how painfully long it took to find itself. I loved the first movie. Like the first Wonder Woman movie, I loved that violence and aggression were things to be used only when necessary to defend ideals that were important to the main characters. Honor and being a good person were central. And just like the Wonder Woman sequel, Wakanda Forever seems to me to have forgotten what is important. Obviously, this franchise suffered terribly under the loss of Chadwick Bosman, and I appreciated how they dealt with that loss in the script, but the rest of the movie suffered terribly. It just didn’t do it for me. I found myself rooting for the other side. They were defending their right to peace and to be left alone. I left the movie feeling that all is lost. Blech. #WakandaForever All That Breathes - B+ HBO Max Oscar nomination: Best Documentary Feature Film

This is a very interesting doc – Oscar nominated. We get to spend hard time with 3 men in New Delhi as they attempt to save and rescue birds that are essential to the battle to preserve the ecosystem of a city that is failing. If bugs and vermin are not your thing, this is going to be a hard one. There are lots of long, slow pans showing you the never ending wildlife that make the world go round. Yuck-o-rama! I am glad the doc is getting attention as their rescue mission will surely get more funding from around the world. I will say the movie is not as good as the trailers would have you believe. It is slow, thought-provoking and interesting. The trailer makes it look epic. Not so much. #HBOMAXAllThatBreathes

Haulout - B Online Oscar nomination: Best Documentary Short Film

Nominated for Best Short Documentary, this film is the essence of why this category exists. You could make a long doc about this subject, but it would get boring. The film shows, almost exclusively through images, the reality of walruses in global warming waters. It’s fascinating, but stark. Twenty-five minutes is just the right amount of time to show you what’s going on, let you see first-hand that it is bad, and leave you to decide what you want to do about it. #Haulout Stranger at the Gate B Online Oscar nomination: Best Documentary Short Film

Meh. I like the thesis of this short documentary; I did not appreciate the manipulative manner in which it did its storytelling. This film follows a redneck, ex-M

arine, as he makes the decision to go into a Muslim community center with hate in his heart and what happens as a result. The story is great, the story telling, not so much. #StrangerattheGate

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