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Even Obscure Get Poached

In response to the thousand, er...hundreds, er...SEVERAL readers who noticed that the Brater Agency site has been down/lost/disconnected, we were poached. This post would be much more exciting if there was some exorbitant ransom involved, but it seems once a deadline is missed to renew, your domain is gone. Ours ended up with a Canadian company and after almost a month of trying to get it back online -- a month involving numerous robotic chat rooms and FAQ sections, and even a human or two...we are finally up and running and have taken some steps that this will not happen again. (Yeah, right.). By the way, when we did reach humans, our elation was short-lived as it became evident that they were reading from how-to memos that we had access to, had tried to implement, and already discovered were not helpful. And I thought DIY plumbing was hard.

To those several fans who have been wondering what's up, thanks for wondering. Some exciting new posts are headed your way.

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Vincent Calone
Vincent Calone
Dec 14, 2022

So happy to hear this- the guilt i was carrying around for getting you hacked is finally absolved.

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