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Alas "Babylon", Tollywood Does it Better

RRR Netflix A++

OMG! This movie is a wall of energy. It wore me out! I just loved it. Epic, epic movie. It is Gone With The Wind EPIC! Yes, it’s long. I loved it. I missed it when it was done. I LOVED it! I left my body and went on journey, I was told a story, and I became one with the story. Is there any more that can be asked of a movie? I learned, grew, changed my mind, felt, laughed, cried. Best Picture? Yes. Best Director? Oh, HELL Yeah! Seriously,

you need to see this movie, and if you don’t like it, I won’t say we can’t be friends anymore…but I really don’t see the point.

The Whale In Theaters B-

What is great in this movie is Brendan Fraser’s performance, and it is great. It is certainly Oscar worthy as is the make-up and prosthetic work. Slide the statues over. The other actors are also quite good. The script, story, direction are all really not good. Like bad. The script is based on a play and it plays like a play. I love plays, but films are a different art form. Apparently, no one told the director. It was just so unimaginative. Blech. And its handling of size and compulsive eating was not kind or insightful; it was very one sided…even a little offensive. I was not a fan of the film, but Brendan Fraser’s performance should not be missed.

Babylon In Theatres B-

Alas, Babylon suffers from terminal writer/director syndrome. This movie could have been great but unfortunately someone was left unchecked at the helm and like the biblical town it seeks to parallel, the film suffers from extreme excess and ultimately dies a horrible sinful death. It’s greatest sin, a lack of restraint. There are some great scenes in this movie, a montage of silent film making, a first foray into talking films: brilliant, witty, great storytelling that let us in on a time of great creative desperation. If only the film had stayed centered on its job of telling stories. But no! The writer/director is desperate to show us spectacle. A montage works? Let’s beat that horse to a bloody death. OYE! I keep hearing rumors of awards for this film - the only award it deserves is for Most Extras Abused Egregiously! Oye! And really, WTF is with Margot Robbie’s hair?? Was there an agreement that it didn’t have to be period appropriate? I didn’t sign that agreement. Hello, they didn’t have blowdryers in the 1920’s! And is it possible that any of the female leads could have demonstrated a shred of humanity that would have made them even mildly sympathetic? No, clearly that would have been asking too much. Cue the elephant, ready a montage. No thank you.

Top Gun Maverick Amazon Prime A

I really wanted to hate this movie. I wanted to stay in angry, righteous indignation that Kelly McGillis wasn’t in the remark. I couldn’t do it. I kind of loved it. I was breathless, my heart skipped beats, I cheered, I may even have gotten misty once. All right, dammit, twice. It was a good movie. It was great storytelling. Sigh…It was better than the original. And Tom Cruise was really good in it, really good. It’s worth seeing. I won’t argue with nominations.

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