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Shannon Penrod: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once Shannon's Grade: A+

Imagine Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Inception had a baby and Jamie Lee Curtis delightfully terrorized it…and there were hotdog hands. This doesn’t even come close to describing how weird and wonderful Everything Everywhere All at Once is, but it gives you a reference point. It is weird, so very weird, but it is delightfully, decadently weird in all the right ways. I am not going to pretend that I understood the movie or that I got even a quarter of the references, Easter eggs, hidden mickeys and general lunacy that occur continuously, like paparazzi flash bulbs following Kim Kardashian on a red carpet. I didn’t. I felt like I was on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Fast. Wild. Whirlwind. There is a lot to digest in this movie, maybe too much – but it doesn’t matter. This is the kind of movie they will be studying in film classes for decades mining more and more gold from its endless treasure chest. Let’s talk elements, shall we? Screenplay – Epic, Brilliant, Witty, Shocking, Hilarious. Direction- Insanely Innovative, Captivating, Ground-Breaking, Lush. The Acting: Off the Chain. The cast is freaking phenomenal in this thing – they make the Squid Game cast look like community theater actors doing bad Shakespeare in the park. Michelle Yeoh as the lead (Holy smokes, Batman! A leading character who is FEMALE, ASIAN, and OVER FIFTY???? Can they do that? Yes, pay attention! She kicks ASS, literally and figuratively!) YEOH is STUNNING! She IS everything! Start shoving awards at her! But Jamie Lee Curtis is MIND BLOWING. I bow to her. I will now only refer to her a Goddess Divine Jamie Lee Curtis and I will grovel in her presence. I feel so badly for the other supporting actresses this year, they can just stay home, it’s already over. OMG – just when you think these two woman can’t take it any further, they take it up three octaves. Wig…BLOWN. INSANELY GOOD! I don’t even have words. The rest of the cast is also superlative. They must have had the best time on the set. I loved it. I bought it ON DEMAND and I’m glad. I’m going to need to watch it 20 more times at least. Don’t miss this one!
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