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Just Give Nick Offerman an Emmy Now! (plus more Oscar-nominated films)

The Last of Us HBO A++ Put simply, It is the best thing on Television. I know, it’s based on a video game. I know, it’s about Zombies…and a pandemic. I agree with you on all the reasons this really should be pathetic and unwatchable. Still, it is the best thing on television, and I am counting ALL the things you can stream. It is transformational. It just schooled everyone in the industry on how to wrap an audience around your pinky finger. Season 1 Episode 3 was a masterclass in the power of good storytelling. It’s not just good, it’s BRILLIANT. There are so many good things to say, but mostly just give Nick Offerman an Emmy now. Stop what you are doing and watch this show. You’re welcome. #HBOTheLastofUs #OffermanEmmy Aftersun On Demand C- Oscar Nomination: Best Lead Actor Another memoir – God help us! This one is a daughter, memorializing a last summer vacation with her dad. It plays like a bad, self-indulgent student film. Very slice of life, with bad, even ridiculous camera work. Look, if you are going to do a long close up on a minor character’s leg that eventually, slowly blurs and fades – there better be cancer on that leg. But there isn’t. Because that would mean that something was actually happening in the film. In fact nothing happens in the film. Nothing. Let’s all watch paint dry, shall we? I have so many questions why anyone thought Paul Mescal’s performance warranted an Oscar nom for Leading Actor? His performance is quite good and the best thing about the film, but I would argue the role isn’t even large enough to be considered a leading role and there is not enough meat on the script to justify a nomination. When I think of the performances that were passed over for his nomination, I am dumbfounded and furious. I suggest giving this one a pass. #Aftersun To Leslie Apple TV+ A Oscar Nomination: Best Lead Actress Yet another memoir, an ode to a mother struggling with addiction and mental disorders. The difference is this one gets it right. This is a lovely little film with some amazing performances. Andrea Riseborough more than earns her best actress nomination, she puts herself firmly in competition for the statue. But there are also great performances by Allison Janney and Marc Maron. The film is compelling, heartbreaking, and honest. It is one not to miss. #ToLeslie Navalny HBOMax A Oscar nom: Best Documentary Feature Film

This is a CNN produced documentary about Alexei Navalny, a Russian politician who is no fan of Putin. It is billed as being eye-opening and shocking. When someone tells me something is shocking I almost never believe them. Holy Borscht, Batman! This thing is pretty shocking! I was on the edge of my seat for most of the film. OMG. This ticks all the boxes of a good doc for me. I learned, I got sucked in, I cared and now I want to become involved. I can’t wait to see who is going to play Navalny in the movie that will surely be made. Check this one out. #HBONavalny The Stranger Netflix A- Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris star in this fictionalized retelling of a true crime story that is a massive nail bitter. Great storytelling and truly brilliant performances by Edgerton and Harris make this a must see for those of you who like a crime thriller. I especially loved the script on this one. The non linear way the story unfolds is superb and serves the story perfectly. #NetflixTheStranger

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