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Guardians 3, Ted Lasso, and More

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 B+ In Theaters

I enjoyed this film. It was a little long, but I didn’t mind it. I was engaged and had lots of people to root for, which is important to me. The soundtrack kicked, which is a hallmark of this franchise. The villain was very simply drawn, but I was okay with that. I am a little over being romanced into loving the villain. This guy was pure, unrelenting evil and I was thrilled to watch him face the wrath of the Guardians. Was it an earth-shattering, change your life movie? No. Will I remember anything from the plot when #4 comes out? Definitely no. But it was great escapism, and I will go see number 4, so job well done.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2 B+ Netflix

The end of this series was emotional. I loved season 1 and was nonplussed by the first half of Season 2. But the second half of Season 2 does its job well. No spoilers here, so not a lot to say. However, Katherine Heigl was the best thing about this show, and I am happy to report that she had more screen time in part 2.

Sweet Tooth Season 2 C Netflix

Meh. I loved Season 1 but the sophomore season was weak. It doesn’t hold up, now that we have seen The Last of Us. Sad, but true. Totally missable.

Ted Lasso Season 3 B- Apple TV

Is it me? Does anyone else feel like this show is slightly off their game? The writing is still crisp and clever but all of the love stories have gone aground and way too much time is being spent getting me to forgive Nate…this is a waste of effort. Nate is dead to me. I hope they can get back on track before the end of the season.

The Longest Third Date B+ Netflix

This is a clever little doc that shows us a couple that went a little crazy and went to Costa Rica for four days as a third date. They arrived in Costa Rica on March 13th of 2020 and found themselves stranded in a foreign country for the first few months of the pandemic. I enjoyed the arc of this movie and getting to relive those early days of the pandemic through the eyes of this couple. In a weird way it was very cathartic and uplifting.

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