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"Don't Look Up" Penrod Grade: C-

I know so many people who have loved this film. I don’t really know what to say…mass hypnosis?? Sheer desperation for big stars in a new movie?? I don’t get it. I really hated this movie. Hate is a strong word; I reserve it for things that had the potential to be good but ultimately disappointed. It definitely fits here. Big Stars! Epic Plot! What could possibly go wrong? Sigh. For me it comes down to a classic case of “too soon”. You want to make a cute movie about politicians who lie as they drive us to the extinction of life as we know it? You better pick a lane and either make it hilarious or make it serious- cuz it’s just too soon for me. Don’t Look Up plays it right down the middle, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. For me, it left me cold, bored, and moderately irked. Other people seemed to like it…maybe they don’t have HULU.

Take Two: I would now add...

Since reviewing this movie (back in late December on Facebook) and loathing it so much, I have been overrun with messages from people explaining to me that it is, ya' think? I'm so concerned that A) you thought that needed to be explained to me; it says a great deal about both of us. B) Are you familiar with the phrase, "If you have to explain the joke, it's probably not funny?" I stand by my original review. It's too soon. Perhaps I will find this film outrageously funny in 10 years, I hope so. That will mean we survived. For right now, for me, this is like laughing hysterically while your house is burning down. I'm still looking for a hose.

Shannon Penrod

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