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"Detached from reality" -- Bill O'Neill Commentary

“He was becoming detached from reality.”

Then-Attorney General William Barr’s assessment last week of Donald Trump on
the Day of Insurrection struck me. For several reasons:

 Trump had never dealt in or with any reality that most of the rest of us
know. There was no sudden detachment on January 6, 2021.
 Trump’s “reality” is a confluence of his narcissism, lies, deceit, insults,
bullying, hypocrisy, misogyny, and congenital bad behavior.

The Wall Street Journal story headline of June 14 read: “Advisers Told Trump He
Lost the Election.” But it was the sub-head to that story that said it all: “Barr told
Jan. 6 panel that former president seemed uninterested in the facts.”
Uninterested in the . . . facts. Facts?

Facts and truths – the sacred axis of a working democracy – have never been
useful or convenient to Trump. That’s why, over four years, he altered reality a
stunning 30,573 times. “Fake” and “hoax” – the antidote to facts and reality --
became his favorite four-letter words, amid a vocabulary that barely touches 75

After eight years of Barack Obama, face it: Our government was not functioning
particularly well when the anti-politician Trump curried the favor of celebrity
seekers fed up with politicians upon the 2016 election. What he came to ensure
over the next four years – as a Party of One, disguised as the leader of the GOP --
is that bipartisanship in politics would be ruined, maybe forever.

There was ample cause why early on he became described as “unhinged.” And
remember Trump’s niece Mary L. Trump authoring “Too Much and Never Enough:
How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”? And various doctors
and others bringing forth the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders to account for Trump’s psychological profile and aberrant behavior?
Maybe the only thing Trump “knows” less than facts is honor. Here’s a person
who discarded or was abandoned by more Cabinet appointees (from Rex Tillerson
to Elaine Chao) than any President in history. His coup d'état was putting his
faithful-to-a-fault lapdog Vice President Mike Pence on the run for his life that
ignominious day of January 6.

Trump the Trauma was using his own social media channel this week to disparage
the “Unselect” House Committee investigating his crimes against his country. He
was back to his unhinged best, refuting reality and resetting “facts.” Making sure
his cult of followers have enough Jim Jones lemonade for these hot days of summer.
The Republic could be burning, the Capitol could be desecrated . . . but the
fiddler fiddles on.

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