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Best Dog Days of Summer Viewing

This week I am only sharing what I have genuinely loved. It’s hot outside and there’s a writer’s strike. Let’s focus on what is not just good, but great!

Hijack Apple + A+

Oh Idris Elba, seven episodes of this heart-pumping thriller is not going to be enough!!! This is a perfect midsummer thriller that will have you clutching your pearls in all the right ways. Elba is perfect as a mysterious, brooding passenger on a plane traveling from Dubai to London when everything goes horribly wrong. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. Check it out!

The Good Bad Mother Netflix A

If you haven’t watched a KDrama yet and you are wondering what all the fuss is about, this might be the one to start with. It’s a little shorter than most KDramas, making it a little less of a commitment. But everything else is there: great writing, hysterical cast of character actors, mystery, suspense, romance, and more plot twists than you can shake a stick at. I love it. I laughed, I cried, it WAS better than CATS.

No Hard Feelings In Theaters A-

This is a fluffy mash of Pretty Woman and Mystic Pizza, but it’s done well. Jennifer Lawrence leads a brilliant cast through this off-beat summer comedy. It’s charming, if just a tad forced. I can tell you there was one scene that made me laugh so hard we thought we were going to have to call paramedics. The whole thing was not nearly as hilarious, but kudos to making me not be able to breath for a full five minutes. It’s an accomplishment that only Catherine O’Hara has pulled off before. It’s a perfect summer movie to see on the big screen.

Sophomore seasons are definitive: the writers either prove the concept or it all goes off the rails. Here are two amazing second season examples:

The Bear FX/HULU A+

Holy $@!^balls Batman, the second season of The Bear is off the chart perfection. I don’t know who they fired/hired but whoever brought in the new mojo should henceforth be called RINGO. I liked the first season, but I am DEVOTED to season 2. If you haven’t watched season 1, I would encourage you to just dive into season 2. Buckle up though – it is CRAZY good. And then there is episode 6. I know what I said, nothing could possibly come close to episode 3 of the freshman season of The Last of Us. I said they could just start shoving Emmys at the writers of that episode. And then came episode 6 of the season 2 of The Bear…it’s like Sophie’s Choice for me…but I am going to go with The Bear! Yes! And Jamie Lee Curtis – shut up! Who is having the year of her career? Someone needs to get that woman recording a book and opening a show on Broadway so she can be an EGOT all in one year, because she is definitely going to have half of it. Yowsa! But the whole cast is AMAZING. Watch this show. Have your therapist on speed dial.

And Just Like That HBOMax A

I liked season 1, I am in love with season 2. There was so much to get over in season 1, the written death of Big, the real-life death of Willie Garson. Oye. But I feel like they have finally found their stride now. The new cast members are firmly uploaded, and we are finally seeing the cutting edge humor this show is known for. Less than half of season 2 has dropped, but I’m in for the whole ride and you should be, too. There are going to be some hefty guests; I have only one thing to say, “Bring it!”

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