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Asteroid City for the Win!

Asteroid City In Theatres A

This is Wes Anderson at his best. Hilarious, irreverent, killer cast, brilliant direction. This will definitely be on the Best Picture list for 2023. I can’t imagine another film winning best cast. It is truly an epic ensemble and I’m not just talking about their noses, although there are some legendary probiscises featured. It’s not a perfect film; there are points where it drags needlessly and the ending is the least interesting thing about the movie, but it is soooo worth seeing.

Renfield On Demand B+

This is not my kind of film. Over the top violence as a comedic device…yay, not my thing…but if you like that kind of thing, this movie does it well. Awkwafina, Nicolas Hoult and even Nick Cage deliver solid performances. The movie is clever, but oh, so very violent.

The Little Mermaid In Theaters B+

There is a great deal that is wonderful and magical in the movie and then shockingly there are some things that are merely okay. I found that really disappointing. The leads are all great. Halle Bailey and Melissa McCarthy are particularly fantastic. Some of the cinematography and camera work is stunning, jaw-dropping and award-winning and some of it just isn’t. Shocking. There are times when the CGI just isn’t up to task and it's almost weird. And there seemed to have been a team that was for underwater photography, and one for land – but whoever was in charge of the melding of the two (which were some very important scenes) needs to be taken out behind the barn for a good switching. OYE! It looked like a bad 1974 made for TV movie, shot in a tank on no budget. Very disappointing. Still worth seeing. I would not take small children; there are some truly terrifying scenes.

Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. On Demand B+

This is a good movie, not a great movie. It took them 50 years to make this Judy Blume book into a movie, and I’m sad to say they may have waited too long. As a period piece about a time when women were just starting to be empowered about their bodies, their careers and their lives, it doesn’t offer enough perspective on the current era where we are losing some of those rights. The movie played it safe and did a faithful rendition of the book and thus ended up feeling a little stale.

Reality HBO A-

This is a strange and fascinating little film. The entire script is the verbatim transcript from the FBI conversation with Reality Winner as they conducted a legal search of her home. If you don’t know who Reality Winner is, buckle up. It’s eerie, it’s odd, it’s suspenseful, and it’s kind of like watching a car accident in slow motion. It’s also a really relevant story that I had completely missed in the news. Sydney Sweeney is amazing. Her performance alone should not be missed.

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